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What is your processing time for orders (i.e., how long does it take from the placement of the order to the time it ships)?

Most orders placed Monday-Friday will ship within 24-48 hours. Around the holidays, these times might be stretched a bit due to merrymaking. If our fulfillment gal is on vacation or out of the office for more than 2 weekdays, she will typically make sure there is a banner on the store homepage alerting folks that the store is currently closed - and the date you can expect it to be back open.

Can you ship to addresses outside of the United States?

We're sorry, we are not currently shipping outside of the US.

Will I be able to track my order once it ships? Even if I chose the Media Mail rate?

Yes, once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Even if you chose the Media Mail rate.

Do you have a physical store? From what location do you ship orders?

No, we do not have a physical store. Orders for Renovaré-stocked books ship from our fulfillment gal's home office in Sioux Falls, SD. IngramSpark orders ship from one of their 3-4 US locations.

What items can be ordered in bulk?

Depending on stock counts, you can usually order any Renovaré Resource (printed and distributed by Renovaré) in bulk with a tiered discount. You can also order The Reservoir (published by Renovaré, but printed and distributed by IngramSpark) in bulk with a tiered discount.

Can you place orders for books not published in-house by Renovaré (e.g., bulk quantities of Richard Foster's A Celebration of Discipline, etc.)?

No. We're sorry. We do not place bulk orders with publishers such as HarperCollins, Random House, etc. Please visit the publishers' websites to learn how your organization can purchases bulk copies of books.

Do you have a phone number I can call to place orders?

There is not a "live" number to call, however you can certainly leave a message for the store on the Renovaré voicemail system - 303-745-1223, option 4. The more details you provide (what you wish to order, how many copies, any expedited shipping concerns), the better we'll be able to assist you.

Our fulfillment gal's day job is in the basement of a church, though, with no cell reception and hardwired Internet, so the fastest way to get information or be emailed an invoice is via email. 😊 


Have another question about products in the online store not answered above - or need assistance with your order?

Email, and we'll be happy to help.