The Universe in 57 Words (Carolyn Arends)

The Universe in 57 Words (Carolyn Arends)

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When Jesus’ friends asked him how they should pray, he gave them — and us — the brilliantly succinct guide we call the Lord’s Prayer.” In a feat of cosmic engineering, Jesus managed to gather the entire waterfront of human need and the vast ocean of God’s plans for his universe in just 57 Greek words. We can pray those 57 words (or their English equivalents) for a lifetime and never exhaust them.

“Who would have thought that the wonder and beauty of petitionary prayer could be captured in such a small number of words? Yet Jesus does that very thing in The Lord’s Prayer. Carolyn Arends wisely and insightfully shows us how.”
Chris Hall, Author of Living Wisely with the Church Fathers, Renovaré President

Carolyn Arends oversees the Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation as well as several other Renovaré initiatives, including the Book Club. She is also a recording artist, speaker, author, and college instructor. She lives near Vancouver, BC, with her husband Mark and their two children.

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